Your App
On Top
Tooleap is an Android SDK which brings your app to the forefront
of a user's device screen with a floating (always-on-top) UI,
thus creating a unique multitasking experience and increasing
your app's availability and usability.
Optimizing Apps With A Unique Floating UI
Tooleap allows apps to be launched by clicking on a movable bubble. Once clicked on, the app slides out from the side of the screen. Now, users can enjoy a quick and easy access to their apps. Optimize your app engagement and increase user productivity with Tooleap's floating UI.
SDK Features
Floating UI
Give your app maximum availability with Tooleap's instant access floating side screen and bubble.
Create rich content notifications to get users back into your app, or simply provide them with quick access to your app's functionality.
Tooleap's floating UI sleek design allows users to enjoy your app alongside other apps at the same time. Your app is always one tap away.
Your app. Your Choice. Choose whether you want to make the bubble available on-top of specific screens like the home screen and browser, or on-top every application on the device.
Create Floating Apps Now!
Start using Tooleap, and convert your standard android activities into easily accessible side-screens within minutes.

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